Friday 18 May 2018

Scottish Womens Paddle Symposium 2018

After a fair while out of the game injured I got myself off sooth to this years SWPS to help folk learn some foundational skills for Greenland rolling.

Van broken, Tahe on car with 'stealth' mode interrupted we set off ...

Arisaig is an iconic paddle destination on the west coast of Scotland not far from Fort William. With sandy coves and skerries and amazing views of Skye, Rum amd Eigg to the west - it turned out to be an ideal location for our sessions. 

It was a pleasure meet up with everyone and help them get their rolling going, or see just how much had been achieved since the last time we met. 

Using the avataq to slide on to the surface of the water.
photo: Geri O'Sullivan

Floating in a balance brace position.
photo: Geri O'Sullivan

Coaching the first steps to rolling requires very slow transitions through the body movements and  is like putting my roll in for a service and getting it fine tuned after a long winter - a great way to start  a new season of rolling. Looking forward to the next time already.

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