Sunday, 29 January 2012

Elusive Elbow Roll

Encouraged by success with the cross arm roll I thought I'd try the elbow roll. I can brace easily in the elbow roll position but can't get back on the deck. So when I tried it 'on the move' I was hopeful of a bit of help from the momentum of the body movement. I managed a few,  maybe one out of every ten, only on one side, but its a start. It looks better on the video than it felt!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Dreaming about rolling.

At one end of the pool Donna and Jack were building up a solid foundation to rolling, thinking carefully about body and head movement, keeping it slow. Upside down and the wrong way round had proved challenging the week before, but Donna had done her homework - she had been dreaming about rolling, and it had worked!

building muscle memory

Meanwhile at the other end of the pool Northern Kayaker tested rolling in her new helmet and... it worked with and without a paddle! Her shiny surf  boat in Orkney flag colours is just dazzling! Next week it is going up to Shetland in its stripy sock, hopeful of another northern adventure.

shiny smiley Northern Kayaker
Have fun!
Follow NK's Shetland adventure at Paddling Orkney and Beyond.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

A break in the weather

Ready for off at Inganess

After what has been weeks of driving rain and storm force winds a break in the weather meant an opportunity to get out for a relaxing paddle. It was also a great chance for beginners and 'returners' to get out of the pool and paddle in agreeable conditions on the sea. Thirteen paddlers in all met at Inganess in the morning and we set off on a gentle paddle towards Yinstay.

...and away we go!

It was very pleasant to have everyone together for a 'social' paddle - an opportunity to put names to faces and catch up with paddling buddies.

Peedie caves at Yinstay

Stacks were just big enough to squeeze a boat round.
Taking a break and discussing each others' Christmas  paddles  presents.

 After a poke about the caves it was time for a break - good practice at landing and launching.

Heading back...

on a glassy sea.

At the wreck.

Finishing in sunshine.

Its good to get out!
(back indoors tonight).