Friday, 1 June 2012

Greenland Intensive with KayakWays 2012

Last week the Tahe and me set off on our first road trip sooth to take part in the KayakWays Greenland Intensive weekend organised for us by Bruce Jolliffe. 

Its always great to get away in Spring and see trees bursting into life. What a weekend of great weather - Scotland was looking fairly bonny!
Our first road trip.
Our first day was at Loch Lomond.
We started off with stretches and sharing and comparing sticks, then moved on to learning about the canted stroke.
Bruce gets to grips with the stick.

Cheri gives me some feedback.
photo Pam Forsyth
In the afternoon it was time to roll.
Cheri demonstrated in the Tahe (and I kind of hoped the boat would remember it all for later...).
Cheri teaches my Tahe to roll.

Next day we were at Largs and Turner took our stroke development on a little further.

Sticks in the sunshine at Largs.
But first some land drills.
Thermals and drysuits in the 20 + degree heat meant hot work.
Cheri shows us land drills.
Cruising along the sea front.
photo Alan Forsyth.
A little bit of wind and wave was good fun and it was great to cool down in the afternoon with another rolling session.
Briefly, the forward forward norsaq roll was mine!
The storm and the reverse sweep roll had sweep!
Thank you Cheri and Turner!

Now I have my homework to do...

Pam and Alan Forsyth.

It was a good weekend for meeting new folks too, hopefully we'll carry on developing and sharing our skills and meet up now and again.

For anyone who can't get to one of Cheri and Turner's sessions I highly recommend their DVD 'This is the Roll'. You can find it on Justine Curgenven's site here.