Friday, 22 July 2011

Reverse Sweep Roll

This is the roll am trying to learn at the moment. Sometimes it works a treat, usually at the beginning of the session when I'm fresh and haven't over analysed it too much. Having had the expert teaching of Turner and Cheri not so long ago I try hard to remember clearly what they told me. Watching other folk's videos is very useful. Recently I have watched the accomplished  Eiichi Ito, Duane Strosaker, Christopher Crowhurst, and of course Helen Wilson.

Little and often is my approach to learning new roll. Having my son assist so excellently is fantastic. I explain it all once and demo the separate parts, then he watches and tells me what is happening. With great insight he explains details like how much difference 10 degrees outside the blade being perpendicular can make! I am convinced he would make a great Greenland bank based coach.
Today I changed the side I started on and it was suddenly much more successful… it’s a mysterious journey.

Here is hoping Justine is gets lots of great footage in Canada for  the Kayak Ways DVD - can't come too soon!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Three men in their boats

Summer -  time to honour long held promises of getting our friends out in a kayak and showing them what all the fuss is about.
Maybe the beginning of a new shared activity for the third of these old good friends.

'This is how you do it...'

'I remember when we were lads...'

Paddling not rowing.

The Gulden Leeuw

An evening cruise around the Flow on the three masted top sail schooner the  Gulden Leeuw, before it set off for Shetland and the next leg of the Tall Ships race.

Gulden Leeuw berthed at Stromness.
 Originally Danish built, the ship has an interesting configuaration of square sails and fore and aft sails.
Might this be the reason that the Gulden Leeuw has been able to set it sails when other ships have been unable to in the last few days here ?

Passing the Europa.

Sailing back to Stromness.

From the bridge towards Hoy Sound.

The tall, the elegant and the lifeline.
The whole experience was enhanced by having recently read the epic 'We, the Drowned' by Carsten Jensen - the next best thing to actually being on the high seas in the days of sail.

Follow the ships here.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

An Orkney holiday

Having completed the L2 assessment and returned from a family holiday I can resume the blog.
Time also to get serious about forward finish rolls again, improvising an avataq and perhaps bribing number one son to spot me while I practice.

Before all that, a weekend of tall ships in Orkney.

Kirkwall marina as the tall ships arrive.

Always impressive, our regular visitor Statsraad Lehmskul.

Like a ghost from the past this tall ship heads through the Flow for Stromness.