Friday, 21 March 2014

Getting there...

Getting ready for the year ahead involves a lot of reviewing of resources, including time... Living up here on a peripheral archipelago means every trip planned takes extra time, and money, and is even more weather dependent.
Once upon a time Orkney was the centre of things - a kind of hub in the sea road...

Olaus Magnus' Carta Marina 1539
Now a different Magnus helps us get across the Pentland Firth ...

Magnus 'the Viking' - the new Hamnavoe livery.
Gear and equipment for trips needs to be checked over too after a winter in the store. This year it was time to splash out a bit on some new Lomo boots. Mary, I am finally stepping out of your second hand boots (one of which, presumed lost, lived in a creel for a winter until found the following summer)!
Knowledge of First Aid needs refreshing and reviewing.
Thank you George Fell.
First Aid Kit before ................and after George's course.

Getting kayaks down the road also has its issues that need to be resolved. The van is a great mobile home, but its a bit high for me to wrangle boats on to safely. So this winter the day finally came for the Karitek kayak carrier to be fitted.
With a bit of modification here and there I think I've got it sorted.

 I'm getting there...