Monday, 19 March 2012

Count down to Kayak Ways

This weekend was the first time I got in the Tahe G with the tuilik and it all started to fall into place. Perhaps the freedom of movement, or the fact that Thorfinn was mentoring, but it felt great.
Nice fit!
I am keen to get the basics well polished before seeing Cheri and Turner in May so as to make the best use possible of the time with them. I have been polishing the forward finishing rolls they taught me at the last session in Skye in May 2011. I think I am due for an update and a bit of feedback!
(Also probably about time for a HD GoPro).

If you aren't going to get to a workshop with Kayak Ways anytime soon, their DVD will be out in April. Produced by Justine Curgenven, This is The Roll, is all about the principles of rolling, with sticks or Euro paddles, taught by the experts!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

tuilik home

Unpacked and lying, perhaps not unsurprisingly, like the skin of a vaguely familar marine mammal, my tuilik is back home after a flying visit back to Canada for alterations to make it fit the Tahe G. I wish I could visit so quickly and easily. A fast and efficient service from Brooks.  I am looking forward to uniting it with the boat and having the freedom to roll without a deck. It's always more condusive to paddling outside in the cold too, though, when I say paddling, of course, I mean rolling.

welcome return of the travelling tuilik

Monday, 12 March 2012

The Dark Side

I watch as Hairyaker tries out the Tahe, (spookily like Eichi Ito's animated paddler). For a brief moment trying out the boat involves a tiny bit of discussion on forward finish rolls, and suddenly, I'm coaching Greenland style rolling!

But maybe not for the last time...

as we know, the dark side can be addictive!