Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Scottish Sea Kayaking E-Group Greenland Skills weekend

Alan Forsyth explains paddles.
The latest Greenland Skills weekend at Bute and Cowal was another great success with five of us mentors sharing the knowledge and understanding we have developed so far with returning enthusiasts, and introducing some new learners to paddling and rolling with a stick.
We also got the chance to meet up and make the acquaintance of three accomplished traditional paddlers from Ireland, admire Peter's paddle making skills and have a chat about rolling.
Thank you guys. 

The conditions in the bay at Port Bannatyne were perfect for Alan to lead a session on paddling and turning with a Greenland paddle.

Rhiannon demos in her Qannaq and Alan describes.
 Next it was on to rolling and we worked up a few land drills before hitting the water.

Pam and Alan show what is going on inside the kayak, Julia observes.

Cath and Rod working it out.
 After watching Rhianon's demonstration we spent the afternoon working through the foundations of lay back rolls.

Alan and I talk through a demo by Rhiannon.
This was as close as I got to immersion...
This year injury has meant I have had to avoid immersion. This meant I had to think through my contribution a little differently. Perhaps describing and explicitly sharing what I do to support learners will be a useful tool to take away and use with a supporter at home. I hope so.

Observing and advising from the shore at Loch Eck.
Returning to a favourite fresh water rolling spot at Loch Eck, day 2 was all about following up and building on the foundations of the day before, tweaking and troubleshooting... 

It was also time for us mentors to help each other a little with 'sticky' issues...

Alice polished up her SGR without and with her regular paddling paraphenalia.

This year we had a good selection and number of paddles around - there was a time when we had to share and take turns with a couple of paddles - gradually folk have bought and made their own.

A couple of happy converts with their new paddles.
Finally - we couldn't leave without removing some of the litter which had been left behind by previous campers, anglers and picnickers. 
Thanks Alice for taking it away.
We know many kayakers around the world do this when they can.

Keep on rolling....