Saturday, 4 August 2012

Return of the Razor

As I write this James Manke is hosting a KayakWays weekend in BC. I wish I could be there to follow up on my sessions with Cheri and Turner in May here in Scotland. My forward forward norsaq roll is erratic for reasons unknown, and the last few centimetres/degrees of the elbow rolls comes and goes too. Plenty to work on and I look forward to continuing my homework!

Starting a forward forward norsaq roll.
 So far my personal learning journey has mostly been about rolling, but things have taken a sharp turn now I have 'The Razor' home. Made by Turner from one piece of Alaskan yellow cedar, it is a thing of beauty and its going to teach me a thing or two about forward paddling, more specifically the canted stroke.

When I first picked up a paddle like this it instantly struck an authoritative chord. This may have had a lot to do with the dimensions which fitted me well, and the sharper entry into the water the blades give. It tells you in no uncertain terms which angle it prefers and wouldn't ever do anything as undignified as make a 'plop!'

After making a few very minor modifications (sanding very gently!) I was ready for my first lesson. Its a bit like having my own coach - if I listen hard enough...