Thursday, 15 August 2013


Time to resuscitate the blog.

Its been a while since I posted anything but I've not been entirely inactive. I have been continuing to work on rolling, been coached by KayakWays in earlier this year and helped others work on their rolling skills at Paddle Orkney '13. I jokingly refer to myself as, Orkney Greenland Kayaking Club, members = 1!

This summer I have been playing around with forward finish norsaq rolls, mostly using a norsaq Turner Wilson made. It tells me what to do, I just have to listen carefully. And I imagine Cheri at the bow of my boat looking for my cheek! So far I can either do reverse sweep or forward/forward but find it difficult to switch from one to the other without being unhappy about where the norsaq ends up in relation to the kayak.

I was recently reminded how useful video can be in seeing the orientation of your body/head to the kayak, so made a video of myself from a pier in an attempt to analyse what was happening...