Thursday, 15 August 2013


Time to resuscitate the blog.

Its been a while since I posted anything but I've not been entirely inactive. I have been continuing to work on rolling, been coached by KayakWays in earlier this year and helped others work on their rolling skills at Paddle Orkney '13. I jokingly refer to myself as, Orkney Greenland Kayaking Club, members = 1!

This summer I have been playing around with forward finish norsaq rolls, mostly using a norsaq Turner Wilson made. It tells me what to do, I just have to listen carefully. And I imagine Cheri at the bow of my boat looking for my cheek! So far I can either do reverse sweep or forward/forward but find it difficult to switch from one to the other without being unhappy about where the norsaq ends up in relation to the kayak.

I was recently reminded how useful video can be in seeing the orientation of your body/head to the kayak, so made a video of myself from a pier in an attempt to analyse what was happening...


  1. Welcome back Lesley, what a great video too :o)

  2. Very happy to see you blogging again, and great work on the norsaq rolls. I love how smooth and graceful your hand rolls and paddle-free braces have become. You have clearly worked hard to achieve such flexibility and style.

    1. Thanks Christopher. The shape of the norsaq was an important part of getting started on these rolls, for me. I have always found rolling without a paddle easier. My attempts at some of these fancy paddle rolls can get quite ugly! Next I want to try to work up to a forward finish hand roll. :)

  3. Welcome back and awesome video!

  4. Very glad to see you back posting again, Mackayak!

  5. Thanks Canoez! Off to see Helen Wilson next week, so another post soon I hope.