Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Gulden Leeuw

An evening cruise around the Flow on the three masted top sail schooner the  Gulden Leeuw, before it set off for Shetland and the next leg of the Tall Ships race.

Gulden Leeuw berthed at Stromness.
 Originally Danish built, the ship has an interesting configuaration of square sails and fore and aft sails.
Might this be the reason that the Gulden Leeuw has been able to set it sails when other ships have been unable to in the last few days here ?

Passing the Europa.

Sailing back to Stromness.

From the bridge towards Hoy Sound.

The tall, the elegant and the lifeline.
The whole experience was enhanced by having recently read the epic 'We, the Drowned' by Carsten Jensen - the next best thing to actually being on the high seas in the days of sail.

Follow the ships here.

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