Monday, 14 December 2009


I was reunited with my Isel at the pool this week.

Working up from hand rolls in pool boats to rolls in the Isel, in my own time, it was a very 'chilled' session in the best possible way.

Sitting in the Isel again after three months put a smile on my face.

So familiar, so an old friend not seen in a while, but it seems like no time at all.

Something else blue and comfortable put a smile on a Northern kayakers face too.


  1. Always good to be back in the boat! Nice blog.

  2. Thanks Canoez...its great to be back in the boat even if its only indoors for now.

  3. Well done! Glad you are back on the water (so to speak). Here's to a New Year filled with lots more paddling in our Isels!