Thursday, 9 September 2010

Swell at Roseness

A few days of high winds left behind a swell from the ESE. So on a still evening we set off towards Roseness through dumping waves at the launch beach, disturbing a raft of geese on the way.

Noise on the water.
 The unusually still atmosphere looked like it might develop into fog so a bearing was taken, just in case, to help us find our way back.
HK finds north.
 At the headland there were regular breaking waves of about a 1m, with the occasional extra large bonus wave. For a short while I enjoyed trying to catch the swell, paddlle strokes eerily silent on a raft of foam, with a rainbow on my right and sunset to the left. 

Sun setting behind Hoy beyond the glassy swell.
Arriving back at the put in point in darkness, there will be only a few more opportunities for evening paddles like this one.


  1. Oooh, it's so beautiful when the sun sets, and the water must the best place to be watching it. ;)

  2. was the most fantastic skies indeed, quite eerie as well. great photos! :)