Thursday, 23 February 2012

Tahe Time

The arrival of the long awaited and eagerly anticipated Tahe Marine Greenland LC has been accompanied with outbursts of compulsive naming: 'The Black Beast', 'The Black Beauty', 'Night Rider' and so on... And it is black and very, very shiny. Black and shiny enough to be near invisible on the top of my car after 5pm and cause shock and alarm both to me and other drivers when they realise how close they came! (without toggles though there is no convenient place to tie a rag on to). Lifeguards have been rushing for their duct tape (yellow! aaargh!!!!) to protect their tiles from the pointy ends, ultimately only to be deterred by my incredulous expression.

'Oops, am I taking up too much room?'

Seriously though, when it comes to rolling I am getting used to the new contact points and gathering advice about foam outfitting in different shapes and forms, permanent and temporary. So for the moment its a case of going over the basics and developing a feel for the physics.

Video editing inspired by NK's recent 4x faster pool vid, though not in HD quality.

Meantime my friends make observations!
photo and frame by Johnny


  1. Loving both the boat and your skills! Please pass some on to me!

  2. That boat is yummy. hard to come by here in Canada!

  3. Hi Lee, Only recently available here. I bought it, like my other boat, without ever sitting in one.
    Of course, building your own boat is the ultimate goal!

  4. haha I have not test paddled one boat in my life! I'm up to boat 8 which I looked at and said...I want it...then got it!

    Building is refunds or guarantees!