Thursday, 19 April 2012

Independence Day

The day arrived. The weather looked good, no more than a F4 wind, and nil chance of lightning (that's what it said yesterday during the thunderstorms). There might even be some watery sunshine. My mission - to get the TaheG to Scapa, spend an hour or so rolling, and get back entirely independently (including drysuit zips).

This may not seem like a big deal to most of you folks out there, but when you are 5'6" and your boat is 17'10"  and the car roof is above your head, there are techniques to be learned and independence to be regained. The wind is hugely important, not for sea state but for boat control in the air. Tide times have to be checked - not for speed of flow but to make sure the tide at the launch will be out far enough for the slip to provide the crucial angle to get the boat on and off the car. Just the right size and style of deck is required - the one that will stay put above the rear window. Finally it helps to have a tube of black T-Cut to hand at the end of the day...

made it!

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  1. I had to smile, Mac, I am just slightly "taller" than 5'6" with a similarly sized boat - getting it up on the the top of the car is not always "graceful". It's always better if folks aren't watching! :) We really enjoy you guys up in Kirkwall. D.