Monday, 9 June 2014

Home Ground

Back in Orkney the sun shone and the wind abated long enough to explore some caves and tunnels at Rerwick. While it rained a couple of miles away and thundered in Birsay in the north west, we were far enough out east to stay in the sunshine all afternoon. In sheltered spots the sea was glassy and very clear. Clear enough to see top shells grazing on the kelp.

The rock strata picked out by erosion provided ledges for scarfies who launched themselves with inelegant gusto as we approached. Steep sided geos and deep fissures punctuate the the rock face. Its easy to miss the arches and tunnels unless you are paddling close into the cliff.

A slight swell on a smooth sea broke on rocks and skerries providing rockhopping opportunities.

The cliffs face east so it is usually a place of dark and gloomy stone walls topped by a WW2 battery of  searchlight foundations, gun emplacements, battery observation tower, magazine building, engine room and the remains of accommodation and dug outs...

and the occasional otter....