Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Rolling in Rainbows

Back to Bute for a weekend coaching Greenland rolling skills in the first couple of days in October.
Alan Forsyth started things off on Saturday morning by describing the materials and qualities of a Greenland paddle before getting on the water to demonstrate the canted stroke.
Practising the movements on shore.
Alan demonstrates.
With plenty of Joe O Blenis's paddles to try out, and one of Alan's own too, everyone got a chance to try a stick. Starting out with a GP can sometimes be a bit disconcerting, but after 'listening' to the paddle, feeling when it fluttered, and becoming aware of just how much work the control hand does, even the hail could not persuade people to come ashore.

Hail showers provided an authentically icy context for learning  .
 Next I demonstrated the foundation skills for layback rolls with Alan describing the body movements.

Then it was time for a warm up and a break.

Kayaks abandoned during a cake break.
 After stretches and land drills we got into pairs and tried out the floaty stuff with and without added buoyancy. For the rest of the day everyone worked on using body movement and feeling the support that the water gives in a balance brace position. Add a tuck and capsize, and you have a butterfly roll. Extend the paddle and establish a pivot hand and you have a Greenland roll.
 On the second day Julia Darby came to help with rolling.

And demonstrated body movement...

with grace and style!

 Nick swapped his Anas Acuta for Julia's comfy 'pipeless' Isel and just didn't stop rolling...
 This last photo kind of sums up what its all about.
Well done folks. I hope everyone continues the learning journey - enjoy!


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