Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Still indoors

There are two main seasons here in Orkney. Summer and winter - defined more by day length than temperature. Though wind in Orkney is not restricted to any particular season its been pretty relentless. So far I have not ventured outside to seek immersion, waiting in vain for a day which allows for two criteria to be in place - little or no wind and a some encouraging sunshine. The snow showers and gusting squalls are too bitter to induce me to immerse my head in 7 degree water (that is surface temperature - I am convinced you can knock off a few degrees for the depth my face gets to).

This winter for the first time I have been coaching  Greenland skills specifically by request, which is a first for me here at home. Usually I suggest aspects of the Greenland approach to rolling to troubleshoot or help the development of rolling with a Euro blade, but my new student is keen on all things 'qajaq' and its been fun to supporting someone develop over a period of time significantly longer than a weekend. Since it will be a while before outside temperatures allow for sustained learning its fine to be indoors for a little bit longer...

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