Sunday, 21 February 2010

Solo skill practice

In an effort to avoid aggrivating an old neck injury I didn't go on the group trip today and instead found some flat water to practice skills. 
With the 4* syllabus is on my mind, it seems like a long time since I thought only about skills in a sea boat.

The fulmars appear to be all paired up and settled into their chosen places.

On my way over to the waterfall I practised turning mostly, trying to 'blend' strokes together - ha!
I recalled a day last summer with Nige in the same location 'getting the hang' as it were, of an effective hanging draw. It was a perfect day to read how effective the draw was on the water's surface. I thought carefully about initiation strokes and edging and cross bow rudder.

Einar and Erlend wait for business.



  1. The last picture - so simple yet striking. A good example of less is more.

    Tony :-)

  2. Thanks Tony - it is hit and miss with the Olympus mju, but trying to capture this untypical weather is compulsive...