Friday, 19 February 2010

Steaming sea boats

Frosty boats wait to get into the warm pool.

Tonight was a chance to get sea boats in the pool.
Time to practise skills the sea is just too cold and unforgiving to allow you to develop.

NK makes a getaway.

I hadn't rolled a sea boat for a while snce being Reunited actually, and there is always that moment of doubt...
I managed but felt it was uncomfortable.
I'm convinced I used to roll so much more effortlessly.
I got some feedback and, as suspected, everything is happening too late.
Need to start the whole motion sooner.
Its a fine line between deconstructing and building on what you have got.

NK's boat searches for the route to the open sea....

Sculling was back to normal - slow to no movement at all. Must be the smaller pool boats that make me scull faster. I practised a lot of support stroles and sculling on the off side in an attempt to reinforce the off side roll, but this will be an ongoing project...

Steaming boats in the -4C air.

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