Sunday, 7 November 2010

The dog ate my homework....

...and other excuses are occasionally offered to me at work as reasons why tasks are not done out of class. So today I have to admit that I squandered an opportunity to get in a canoe and instead got in my own sea boat. My excuses are that the wind had decreased (on a weekend), the sun shone (weakly) and the idea of getting wet seemed like a reasonable idea (at the time). So after making outline plans for indoor coached sessions, NK and I set off, noted the NNE wind, and headed for the shelter of the south facing Scapa pier which catches a few low rays on nice days at this time of year.

Decisions, decisions...
No competition really, so, dressed for immersion, hands already stiff with cold, I got in my own boat. Before NK returned I had donned hood and mask and tried a few static braces, lost feeling in my fingers and developed an ice cream headache.

Elegant or what!

 Too cold for total immersion unless you are a lonely 1*.

 After completing the passage to the north side of the pier we discovered John Rae and traditional paddle practice getting underway.

Not long before we all agreed it was time to get out, but only after NK rolled a green boat with a GP.
Yes the challenge proved  too enticing.
We agreed paddling a canoe and staying dry was a worthwhile winter pursuit.

Bird Lady of Scapa Flow.

OK now back to practising my knots... where is my knot board...oh no! ...the dog ate it!


  1. I meant I'm not and certainly not in a canoe! Your rolling is the epitome of elegance.

  2. Thanks NK but I DID mean you in a canoe and the camera doesn't lie!