Sunday, 21 November 2010

Onwards and forwards

Although this week is the second session it really is the beginning of the journey for our new members. For some folk the beginning of a long journey of continuous development has begun. There is so much to consider and just when you think you might be begining to get the hang of one aspect of forward paddling, another is introduced, and the first falls by the wayside.
On we paddle....

Boats without bulkheads can involve a lot of labour.
 Of course it is our job to help keep everyone progressing and not to overload them with a daunting task which we profess not to be finished with ourselves. At the same time you have to kind of map out the big picture and show folk what lies ahead.

practising good posture
 Often I will use challenges or activities which worked on me, or games which children I have taught found helpful. Learning is fun and its very satisfying to feel yourself improving, so giving folk an opportunity to experience that feeling as adults is very rewarding.

Using the lanes as guidelines for paddling to the deep end and then stopping.

 No one said it was going to be easy! But we did promise it would be good fun.

Girls get a goal!


  1. My group didn't do any of that at all.....

  2. Yeah, right!
    Well I know you did the most important bit at the end 'cos you're in the picture not so subtly recruiting new polo players!