Monday, 10 January 2011

First GP pool practice.

No - the snow is in my imagination....
Got to the pool with my Joe O' paddle at last.
Practiced static brace - sliding into it and falling into it.
Butterfly rolls are great - the paddle doesn't wander. Sculling for support was, as expected a bit different, but a nice kind of different. Then, having watched Helen's DVD just before the session I was determined to execute a proper Greenland roll - not a Euro roll with a GP, but using proper body movement rather than the paddle. In an effort to improve this I played around for as long as I could with the static brace trying to move as slowly as possible from below the boat to the surface and on to the boat. I'm sure I can improve this.
Finally I played around with sculling up to the surface from being upside down - it works... just like in the videos!

Disappointingly the narsaq roll was absent this session, but I'm so encouraged by the rest of the practice I'm happy, and sure he will return in his own good time.

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