Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Recent hurricane winds created seas only a hairy yaker would surf a sea boat in.

Skaill Bay
The winds from the west brought this piece of flotsam from Canada.

'Made in Canada'
Further along the shore from Skara Brae the coastal erosion threatens the remains of a derelict old house. The stone has been removed, perhaps for another building.
The flag floor is overgrown. Whitewashed walls are visible and in the fireplace the old iron for hanging the pots from is still in place.
The people are long gone. Maybe to Canada?

On the shore side of the fence.
  Skara Brae's sea defence wall does its job well, so far.

The sea wall at Skara Brae.

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  1. That's my what-cha-ma-callit I lost off my deck last year paddling the Southern Shore of Newfoundland, Canada *lol*

    Tony :-)