Sunday, 20 February 2011

Tuilik trials

Off to the pool I go in my new TUILIK!!
With the smell of new neoprene wafting from the freshly unpacked Brooks tuilik, the pool staff looked mildly alarmed as I donned the black garment for the first time, not sure whether to avert their eyes as a special ritual was about unfold, and... it kind of was! A bit like launching a boat on its maiden voyage I set off for the shallow end after stretching the tuilik to the max around the enormous rockpool coaming.

A few ritual static braces to start with.

Then on to the rolling...

The video shows a few clunks into the side of the pool, which are par for the course for me, and an easy save when the norsaq roll fails, showing how handy it is to have the GP deployed on the front deck almost already in set up position. Compared to the usual procedure of emptying the boat periodically thoughout the session there was almost no water in the cockpit at the end of the half hour - result!

By the end I was hot and convinced that I could comfortably roll in the sea in winter with my tuilik on top of a drysuit, that is if I get it back from the folk who want to borrow it to go to the spoots!
If you fancy one of your own get in touch with Mike Holgate at Poole Bay Kayaks.


  1. Hi Lesley - you look the part and the rolling is looking really great - well done!

  2. That should certainly make you stand out from the crowd

  3. I would love to visit a place or go to an event where I would be part of the crowd!

  4. Don't worry, I get the strange looks when I wear mine to. (And I get laughed at by my friends who say that I look like a seal :P)

  5. Thanks for the advice earlier Alana - I'm really pleased with it!