Sunday, 6 March 2011

Time and Tide

Time to get out on the water again for a few hours and cross to Shapinsay with the ebb tide.

Northern kayaker passing Balfour Castle.

HY  and his invisible paddle...

HY passing the douche.
The Thorsvoe created a whitewater playground for a few minutes - squirt boating anyone?

NK emerges from underneath the old pier and collects a souvenir on the way.

A deep cave on Helliar Holm.

The light on Helliar Holm.

NK stands on Iceland Skerry where a few hours before she floated.

A true marine creature NK gathers her food from the sea -  yummy!


  1. HK? HY surely? Like the Orkney grid reference, clever that!

  2. oops - will change that.
    HY and HK - spooky synchronicity...

  3. They were mmmm! I've eaten them all now!