Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Challenge and mastery

Continuing my own Greenland skills development alongside coaching Euro rolling is a challenge. Sometimes I think it helps - I have to think carefully about what kind of roll I am about to do and distinguish clearly between them, especially when demonstrating. Sometimes I think it hinders.

In the small amount of time that I have for practising GP rolling I sometimes rush to try something new without going through the ritual of static braces. Sometimes the basics seem shaky. Last time at the pool the video revealed I needed more body movement in the roll on my right side. Later the same day I was still thinking about that while I was coaching a screw roll.

I realise I am hooked on a never ending challenge and mastery learning cycle when it comes to personal skills. This week I recognised the paddler's determined  expression as I coached the screw roll and when the roll was achieved for the first time I'm not sure who felt more sense of achievement! Perhaps that's why folk coach - more opportunties for challenge and mastery...

I am looking forward to being coached myself again in a few weeks. It will be great to have it explained rather than trying to recall DVD footage, then, later when comparing my video and DVD, be unable to get back in the pool and try again. Perhaps I won't be the only tuilik wearing paddler either.


  1. Someone else has asked for Greenland skills at PO11!

  2. Excellent! another candidate for the Greenland rolling event on Saturday...