Thursday, 11 August 2011

Copinsay and The Horse

A trip to Copinsay with Kate and Mary.
After checking my tidal planning and estimating how long it might take to make the crossing we set off, only to be greeted by the man who caught the lobster we had enjoyed for tea the night before.
'He was delicious! Thank you!'
 About 45 minutes of paddling later we approached the pier.

Nearly there.
 After being warned that we were making a dangerous landing we decided to proceed to The Horse.
Kate decided it would be rude not to.

Mary, mid- channel.

Leaving The Horse.

Back over to Copinsay.

Approaching the light.
 Great slabs lie at the bottom of the cliffs at the side of Copinsay exposed to the open ocean swell.
As we paddled along the swell washed gently up over the slabs before powerfully rolling back down.
Kate and Mary paddled the margin. I watched from a little further out...
Rockfalls and caves.
 Further along past the light the cliffs receded and the caves were high above the slabs.

From the lighthouse looking back towards Deerness and Mainland Orkney.
 We climbed the hill to the light, after a bit of lunch with another solo paddler we met on the shore.
The cliffs from above.

Looking back towards The Horse.
 After a quick explore we signed the visitors book and headed off again.

'Look who has been here!'

Before leaving we encountered hundreds of seals, Mary sat on some rocks and paddled the tiderace.


The wind blew us back to Newark on a pleasant following sea.
A great day of paddling and exploring!

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