Monday, 15 August 2011

Storm roll

This footage is from a couple of weeks ago and is at about the stage where I am starting to feel its solid enough on one side to start building up the other side. If I fail on the other side I can always go back to the side I started on and analyse what works. I find if I start a new set of rolls on both sides its more problematic to build up a muscle memory.

Since then I have taken these rolls out into F4 and a following sea and I am quite happy with how they work (apart from a couple of unexpected mouthfuls of briny water). 

I am nearly at the stage of making a list of the rolls and tackling them in an organised fashion. I really enjoy getting a new roll, but its a bit of a solitary business up here, so any feedback is most welcome.
Unfortunately I seem to be unable to comment in reply to those left on posts here on blogger so I am posting in FB too, it has been great to get involved in conversations about GP rolling and watching everyone develop or finesse their rolls.

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  1. Lesley,this is very helpful to me to improve my storm roll! thanks so much!!