Sunday, 13 November 2011

Pool versus sea

Pool is warm.

The pool is expensive.

I only get an hour at a time - just enough time to get to the stage of making progress - then I have to stop.

I don't have to wear endless layers of restricting warm gear.

It provides less buoyancy.

It's not the sea.

The sea is cold.

The sea is free.

I only manage to practice for about an hour before I get so cold I can't concentrate
(and yes! I can get my hood over the top of my tuilik).

I have to wear layers of movement restricting gear.

It provides lots of buoyancy.

It's the sea.

Either way an hour is about all I can afford.


  1. Bloody hell woman! That's impressive. You know that story you tell of Chris Jex hand rolling across the pool? Well that's you now!!!

    Can you teach me?