Wednesday, 30 November 2011

It must be Tuesday...

For a short period of time I am coaching three times a week.
Once on Sunday and twice on Tuesdays.
Each session is very different.

The Sunday session is an adult group of beginners and improvers who are building up knowledge of fundamentals and foundation skills. Every time I do this I remember just how much there is to think about when you are starting out. Hopefully folk in this group will want to get into sea boats next Spring and get these skills working for them outdoors. 

On Tuesdays I coach an after school junior group of beginners, the goal here is to build up a bit of knowledge and safe practice, and a feel for paddling with lots of fun and games.

On Tuesday evenings I contribute to coaching adults who are mostly determined to learn to roll and have high expectations of themselves!

Amy sets up for success.
Since beginning my own endless pursuit of Greenland rolls I feel better equipped to help with this. I really enjoy helping folk get their first few rolls. Its a great sense of achievement for us all, and recently a group of new paddlers have made fantastic progress. Thinking back at how long it took me to learn - I am continually impressed.

Ivan analyses.

Well done everyone!

For some the rolling journey will soon be pretty well complete - for others... 
 how all consuming it might become!

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