Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Normally I edit out the tantrums and add music for fun. This time there is a hint of frustration left in and the music is essential to mask the hysterical laughter at my bendy 'invisible paddle'. Luckily Santa brought me a new more robust invisible paddle to practice with when the pool opens for kayaking business again in January. Typically it was the first thing I did when I got in and it worked OK but after  I had picked up the real paddle I lost the way of it.

The music is by some talented young Orkney folk Broken Strings who have won a prestigious prize for their music already. They played at our Paddle Orkney Symposium and everyone was impressed at how accomplished they were. They have their first album out called Halda. Check out their Facebook band page and find them on itunes and amazon uk. The track I chose is called 'The Duggid Yowe' (the stubborn or determined female sheep) for obvious (non-sheep related!) reasons.


  1. What's wrong with that? I suggest you review your blog posts from last year and see how far you have come! I liked the roll you were doing at the beginning with the float under your chin and the cool thing at the end where you static braced, went under and came up the other side. Very smooth. When are you going to teach me?!

    Oh and I was very amused by the people in the background, particularly during the under water filming!

  2. I agree with Northern Kayaker - nothing whatsoever wrong with your rolling, I wouldn't mind being at your stage! I particularly liked your forward finish rolls at the start, they had a nice smooth look to them.
    As well as invisible paddles in the pool I notice a few invisible bicycles in the background as well!
    Love your blog - keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks folks, however I won't be satisfied until I can do this!

  4. awesome stuff...i think i may start going to our pool sessions

  5. Good!
    My paddle site in Bretagne(France)