Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Reiff and Isle Ristol

Overlooking the Summer Isles.
A window of lovely weather out on the west coast of mainland Scotland beckoned, so we packed the van and headed sooth on the first available ferry, hopeful of warmer temperatures and sunshine in Wester Ross.

Base camp was at Port A Baigh, Altandhu across from Isle Ristol.

Advance landing party at the beach on Isle Ristol.
The following day we crossed to Isle Ristol with Anne, another visiting paddler we met at the campsite. 

From there on to Reiff  for lunch.

Rockpools at Reiff.
View back to Isle Ristol from the picnic spot.
The wind calmed, the clapotis subsided, and we had a very pleasant return journey.

Anne with Mr Mackayak.
We rounded the island, and my focus was drawn again to the mountainous skyline of Assynt and Coigach - dramatically different to Orkney.

The view of Loch an Alltain Duibh between Altandhu and Isle Ristol.
Isle Ristol once was a herring fishery base like many of the islands in this part of the world. Now it is a Scottish Wildlife Trust Reserve with important wildflowers growing in the machair.

Return to camp.
A very pleasant paddle - thanks to Anne for the added company and conversation.
We knew the forecast was set to improve... and it did!

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