Thursday, 24 July 2014

Summer Isles sunshine.

Towards Tanera Mor
 We set off for Tanera Mor and Tanera Beg on an amazingly glassy sea.
on the way out... Tanera Mor behind me.

Approaching the Post Office
Arriving at the Post Office we sent the obligatory post card with the unique Summer Isles stamp before escaping the crowd disembarking from the Summer Queen. Passing the 5 enormous salmon cages as quickly as possible, we set off round Tanera Mor in a clockwise direction and landed on a pebbly beach for lunch.

We know kayakers stop here as we found a copy of the Pesda Press Scottish Sea Kayaking book submerged in the shallows.
Perhaps someone looking for directions to the famous arch on Tanera Beg.

 At Tanera Beg we posed for the obligatory 'arch photo'. There was a charming symmetrical quality about this arch which made it seem as if it had been built for a film set.
After a quick chat with a German family out paddling in their kayaks we moved on at a leisurely pace through the series of small islets that lie between the two larger islands.
'they're behind you...'

We spend a while letting the local youths play a game of 'chicken' with us.
Some of them got pretty close...

Returning to Achiltibuie with Stac Pollaidh and Ben More Coigach in the distance.
 Once out of the islands we were again aware of the mountains, dramatically dominating the landscape.
Back at Badentarbet
A very relaxing paddle - soaking up the scenery.

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