Sunday, 25 April 2010

Bagging the Bruck

On Sunday we completed our annual clean up of the hard to reach places along the Stromness pier fronts.
Under the old lifeboat slipway.
 From the water the view cannot have changed very much since the days of the Hudson Bay Company ships arriving and leaving and whaling ships setting off for the Nor' Wast.

Low tide meant we could get to that old bit of carpet and those bicycle wheels.

Passing the Pier Arts Centre.
Stromness lifeboat

The Hamnavoe is back home providing our 'lifeline' service again after going to Norway to bring home folk stranded because of the volcanic ash.

After 'bagging it' we went for  paddle to the Brig o' Waithe, the site of the first civilian death of the Second World War. We enjoyed a few opportnities surfing in the following sea on the way and  struggled/scrambled/portaged up stream through the weed against the outflowing of the Stenness Loch.

photo: Jackie

After a stop at the fisherman's boat noust I called it a day, thanks to Nick for picking me up.

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  1. Outstanding!

    More people should care enough about their local waterways to keep them tidy!