Sunday, 18 April 2010

A Fresh Start

Although most folk were away at the canoe polo this weekend (doing well I hear), and those who were left were otherwise occupied, a couple of us did manage to get boats in the water.
We braved the gusting northerly wind with snow showers and got another seasoned pool paddler into a sea boat for the first time.
Another busy day for the pilot boat.
After getting accustomed to the elements from behind the pier wall we headed off sooth for a short journey aided by the wind and the following sea.

 Before too long we headed back and punched into the waves until we were in the lee of the pier again.
A good experience dealing with the wind and waves.

Another great start - well done!


  1. Thanks, I had a really good time on my maiden voyage!!


  2. You are very welcome! Glad you enjoyed...