Thursday, 3 June 2010

Gotta get out

After the big winds on Wednesday it was a beautiful day today with light and variable winds. Three of us put in at the pier - our excuse was a missed session on Wednesday but the truth was probably closer to a desire to get on to the water on a bonny night. After a think about hanging draw and a bit of practice we crossed the bay and met 3 visiting paddlers from sooth who were enjoying the weather and remarking on the warm feeling water. Nice to see visitors were enjoying a paddle, we don't get many, though in the last week I know of three groups of visiting paddlers... perhaps they will return to our Paddle Orkney event next year.

Malc checks out the little cruiser.

After a look at the steam? boat anchored in the
bay at Dyke End we returned to the pier amid the buzz of a couple of jetskis.
But before long they had 'conked oot' as they do, and we were left in peace again.

Harald, Erlend and Einar.
The new pilot boat - John Rae.
The wet bit tonight was high braces, static braces and sculling for support.

Malc rolls the Isel.
Nice boat!

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