Saturday, 19 June 2010

Greenland or Bust!

Midsummer weekend and the weather is poor. Most folk are otherwise occupied and can afford to wait for Tuesday evening, forecast to be 'perfect'!, for paddling on the longest day. Unfortunately I will miss this opportunity due to work commitments, fortunately these work commitments (20 of them) take me to Hoy (the island in the header photo) for a couple of days, where we will be outdoors all day....

Meantime I continue with the personal quest and carry on with reading, watching and practising rolling and related strokes. If paddling different craft improves technique and heightens awareness of transferable skills, then Greenland rolling must do the same for the 'Euro' roll.

Following a link in OP I found Helen Wilson's video. She says it doesn't matter what you have in your hands - stick, Euro or driftwood - its all about the body. This is good to hear. The more I think about the paddle the less successful I am..... so conversely, the less I think about the paddle the more successful I'll be!

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