Monday, 7 June 2010

Junior expedition

This weekend some were exploring the fjords of Norway, and others, the committing west coast of Orkney. I spent my paddling hours with a family paddle - our first proper 'journey'.

Dad and youngest lad.
We weren't the only family with young 'uns on the water.

Of course all such trips must include a bit of fire and cooking of meats in secluded spots.

After starting out with flat water, as we left the bay there was a little fetch and some reflected waves off the low cliffs.

Soon junior was seeking out any clapotis or bouncy waves and showing us how to rockhop.

I am a sea kayaker!
The trip only lasted about 4 hours but the memories will last a lifetime.


  1. Awesome!
    What age did you start getting him out on the water in his own boat?

  2. He is 11. Only in the last year or so has he been big enough to comfortably fit the boat his older brother used to paddle and make it move effectively. So though he has messed around in a few boats its only recently he has really started to enjoy paddling. Now he wants to do 'whitewater' paddling when he is older...

  3. If he follows the path of our family, he will hit teen and not want to anything with the parents (uncool), then emerge from the other end to retake up activities he learnt with his parents!