Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Spirit Dancer

Spirit Dancer is visiting Orkney and has for the last week been at the Kirkwall marina.

We meet the 'Godfather of canoes'!
Kirk Wipper, whose collection established the Canadian canoe museum, is also visiting to see Spirit Dancer off on the next part of the voyage around Orkney. I was delighted to be able to meet him.

Chris and Barbara Cooper have been sharing the experience of paddling the big canoe with local folk each evening before they take Spirit Dancer to the North Isles on Thursday.
Tonight it was our turn to try it out.
The boat was fast and manouverable.
Chris told us that it can cope with a F5/6 with an experienced crew.

Mr Mackayak and the orca and eagle design painted on the paddles by Barbara.

The crew of 19 with Chris steering at the stern.
Paddling into the wind was no problem.

Chris told of past voyages and plans for future destinations.

A great experience!
Lots more photos of the whole visit in Fiona's collection here.

Paddles up...

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