Friday, 20 August 2010

An early night out

 Every year there comes the moment when the increasingly shorter days begin to impact evening paddles.
Even before the launch daylight was fading.
The serene conditions invited a crossing but time available meant this was not to be.

 4* leader.

Plastic first.

Towards Mull Head.

Hide and seek.



  1. Here its getting dark 8:30 ish. Being further north, I expect you're still getting lots of light at that time?

    Tony :-)

  2. That coastline looks absolutely magnificent! What a sensational place to paddle, I'm extremely jealous. :)

  3. Hi Tony,
    At 59 degrees north sunset is at 8.43pm today but by December our daylight hours will have become ridiculously short, about 6 hours, in bad weather with the sun low in the sky this can feel like perpetual twilight..!

  4. Cheers FP! We wouldn't regard this stretch of cliff as particularly special! We do have some awesome cliffs and caves around here though.
    Next time you are in the northern hemisphere perhaps you could add Orkney and Shetland to your itinerary... ;-)

  5. Will definitely keep that in mind. :)