Monday, 23 August 2010

Newark to Tomb of the Eagles

Leaving from the Kirk at Newark Bay in South Ronaldsay we paddled toward Bigore Head and then straight across to Great Head and Lay Taing. Beyond here thar be caves! This was all new territory for us all as this stretch of coast is exposed and tidal so not always accessible.  As well as a Gloup (cave with a collapsed roof) there were many very large caves with many singing and apparently oblivious seals.

Nick chooses a cave.

Spot the kayak...

big cliffs, small kayaks.

Another one!

Someone is behind me!

Grand cave exit.

New boat = happy man.

Some caves turned into tunnels.

A boat emerges from giant nostrils?!

Exit or entrance?

Which exit?

Halcro Head.
After a break at Ham Bay below the Tomb of the Eagles we headed for home - our window of tidal opportunity was drawing to a close.
Heading home through the stack at Clett of Crura

About 10  miles.
A spectacular maiden voyage for Malc's new Rockpool Alaw Bach TCC.

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