Friday, 6 August 2010

New Norsaq

After a bit of investigation I found that the norsaq Helen Wilson uses is made by Joe O Paddles who had just held a symposium at which Helen gave rolling clinics. Joe responded to my enquiry straight away and helpfully put me in touch with Mike Holgate at Poole Bay Canoes who has started importing Joe's paddles and norsaqs. A bit of measuring and emailing later I have received my own norsaq made by Joe.

As soon as possible I was off to Scapa, down the slip, into my boat and underwater. I had just enough time to try a couple of butterfly rolls which worked fine on one side, and then on the other after I adjusted the boat position to account for the wind.

New fixture for the deck.
Butterfly roll gripping norsaq in the middle.

Looking forward to many hours of practice while the sea temperature allows...