Wednesday, 18 August 2010

For sale

Wilderness Systems Tempest 165
This is a great boat in very good condition.
Very comfortable and forgiving but performs well too.
Read about it here
Open to offers....


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  2. funny. I was talking to someone about this boat today. Can you deliver to North Carolina?

    I am curious if you have paddled the tempest 170, and which kayak had a smaller cockpit, if you did.


  3. Thanks for the endorsement Tony!;-) Though I am always surprised at how well it performs any time I get in it...

    PO - I have sat in a 170 - the cockpit dimensions are exactly the same but the 165 has a lower overall volume and a lower cockpit.
    I wish I could deliver to the USA!

  4. I just want to know what your NEW boat is?!!! (-:

  5. I haven't paddled this boat for a good while now - since I got my Rockpool Isel about 18 months ago. That is the blue boat in most pictures of me paddling...