Friday, 15 January 2010

Canoe polo

After a brief introduction to the rules, the uninitiated joined the ranks of the canoe polo training session.

During fast and furious play...

...some of the new players got stuck in.

Great spectator sport!


  1. Pretty neat!

    I have to ask as I always heard kayaks were sometimes called canoes over there is that correct?

  2. I don't know the history of it all but the British Canoeing Union and the Scottish Canoe Association oversee all of our sport development and qualifications.
    Canoe polo must have been named back in the day...but it most definitely could not be done in canoes.
    Personally I consider myself a sea kayaker who dabbles in open boat paddling. We have little flat water and no rivers here.

  3. Ok.

    I know a few people who called a kayak a canoe and a canoe a canadian canoe.

    then you ask the question what defines a kayak...compared to canoes with rudders powered by double paddles...deck skirts.. it gets confusing for my wee brain.


  4. We do say 'Canadian' canoe here for an open boat sometimes. This is the biggest one I know to have been here -
    ...and it had a sail!

  5. When I was small a kayak was called a canoe and canoe was called a kayak. Then I knew a kayak as a canoe and a canoe as a Canadian canoe. Now a kayak is a kayak and canoe is a canoe. I think.

  6. I think my bairnies from Fife are playing some Orcadians next week. Average age is 15 but we'll show the Vikings how to play!

  7. Its great you have lots of young folk interested. Hope they enjoy it.
    Good luck!