Saturday, 23 January 2010

To Halley and beyond

With winds and big swells from the east we decided to go from Halley to Mull Head with a new team member plus eight paddlers on the water.

We set off into the wind, the gentle rolling swell building as we progressed...

Cathy and Antje.

...but soon decided going all the way to Mull head was a trip for another day.
We were pushed back with the wind and the swell, passing lots of little waterfalls that only appear in winter.

To make up for our amended itinerary we  played with the wave between the headland and the rock at Northquoy Point on the way back. A man in a plastic boat showed us how, but though I tried several times, I could not anticipate which wave was going to break and give the biggest lift.

'Its behind you!'

No caves but cool waves.

Rather than just put in we crossed the bay to where the waves were fairly dumping on the shore and an imptomptu masterlass for one began on landing, launching and surfing (ha!). Of course I wanted to join in and duly did so, arriving on foot.
I had leaned too much and rolled right round with the breaking wave filling pogies and boat with sand.

Usually overconcerned about staying in my boat I'd forgotten how much fun it is to come out -  really refreshing! I need to do that more often! I'm going to take a leaf out of Northern Kayaker's log book and throw myself at the fluff now and again.

Smiling but sandy, returning to the briny.

Jackie does his surf stuff.

Halley - Covenanters Memorial - Northquoy Point - Iron Hellia.

Perhaps more of a meander than purposeful journey, but...
'Those who wander may not be lost'. - Unknown


  1. Hi, good to see this trip reported. My wife and I did a very similar route this summer on a dry evening following a day of heavy rain and gusty wind. We went from the bay north to the memorial, then back south to Braebuster and back to the car. A fisherman was catching sea trout on a fly near wher we put in!



  2. We usually make it as far as the bay you describe I think. However seeing bits of wrecks jammed up in there shows what it can be like in winter. I like going south too - there are usually lots of seals around Mirkady.