Sunday, 17 January 2010

Scullin' Sunday

Couldn't make it to the surfin' today but I'm hoping that might be something we do a bit more this year.
At the pool tonight I thought I would think about sculling for support and find out if what I think I do really matches what I do. I have restrained myself from posting a comment in a recent blogging debate about sculling - worried that I might unwittingly be suffering from the Lake Wobegon Effect - I needed photographic evidence.. and here it is ...
So its in a pool boat, I am using a bent shaft and I always look at the paddle blade in the pool - a bit strange as I usually look at the sky in the sea boat in the sea. Left hand acts as a pivot and is held quite still.

.So my shoulders are not flat in the water but my body is floating in the water quite comfortably with the boat balanced. It doesn't seem to make much difference if I scull on the surface, with my head on the water surface or scull up to about a foot under the surface with my head below water, it feels pretty stable.

(video - Northern Kayaker)
Ineresting to see how fast I'm moving the blade - doesn't feel that fast and its possible just to lie there with the paddle quite still, so that is a mystery.

Starting to come up and my elbow opens out.

I'd like to compare this with what I do in a sea boat though - I think it would be different.

There was lots of rolling practice tonight and Northern kayaker was rolling like a fiend.

Next week I plan to video some more to analyse.
Comments welcome!


  1. Oooh! That's the wrong side I think! But whatever happened to the safety box?!

  2. LMFAO. Did you happen to read my blog post on Lake Wobegon Effect? It's people like you who never have to worry about having that! you got skills and are honest about your abilities.believe me when I say I was referring to a few Canadians in that post. hope you didn't think otherwise!

    I just joined a whitewater club just to improve my water reading abilities and rolling. they hold pool sessions here in my hometown so I finally get to roll again in 4 days!!

  3. Yep, that was a reference to your post!

    It's very hard to compare your actual stroke with what you believe you are doing.
    It took me a long time to get the roll sorted out and I still feel it needs constant minding to keep it working on my weaker side.

    Enjoy the pool sessions!