Thursday, 28 January 2010

Unsatisfactory Sunday

As seems to be the way, the more I tried to improve the roll on my wrong side, the more it deteriorated. I tried changing the feather on my paddle, but it continued to dive mysteriously. I got a friend to guide the blade and I rolled up effortlessly, tried again without help and failed. The right side remained reliably unaffected and rescued me on each attempt.

Meanwhile the foot began to complain... and all too soon my time was up!

The video footage is too distressing to show you here, and is being archived with strict access policy for personal evaluation purposes only.

No more promises of video footage from me. So, for your entertainment here is some more from The Hurricane Riders


  1. Shaving behind the ears is clearly essential for good surfing.

  2. I'd do it if it meant I could surf like that!

  3. dont despair with the off side roll, remember that rollling is a body thing more than paddle, if you can get your body motion right the roll happens by itself, look at greenland rolling.

  4. Thanks - I will try to think like that. Weird thing is, I can hand roll well only on the off side, so it must be the addition of the paddle that is putting me off.

    Will try back deck rolls on that side for a bit..