Monday, 11 January 2010

Magic Paddle

I forgot to take a few things including my camera to the pool last night, luckily right before I jumped in I realised I'd forgotten my deck, stayed dry and went home to get it. While at home I also picked up my 'magic paddle' and arrived back at the pool still without camera.

I acquired the magic paddle from a highly repected fellow paddler, coach and experienced friend who passed on its 'magic' to me. I took it to the pool as a kind of teaching aid. There are rules to its use though, the main one being use it where you won't accidentally strike the bottom of the pool with it.

The magic allows the paddler that extra few degrees of headspace under water to consider what is actually happening in the roll. I find that using the combination of mask, magic paddle and warm water I prefer to be upside down, or somewhere in between. I know this is not 'realistic', but it is enjoyable and it has helped me understand and learn kinaesthetically. It also works in the sea!

It's a wing of course!

1 comment:

  1. It's just magic!!! I love it!

    What you need to learn is to have it on the deck, fall in, whip it off deck, roll up, but it back on deck, paddle off - very realistic!