Monday, 22 March 2010

Journey without a destination

After the massive U turn in plans for the weekend I did manage to get in the sea boat after all.
Predictably my offside roll has become my 'on' side.
On this side I am able to move the paddle freely through air, position it well and flick up.
It is like a very, very high brace.
On the other side I am still moving the paddle through water by the time I start the roll and it takes a little bit more ooomph.
It works, its maybe more like it would occur in 'conditions', but...
I would like another appointment.
As I write this I am aware that it could all change and probably will.

future coach rolls the Isel

'FC'  tried out the Isel and put it through its paces.

FC edging through a 360 turn
Interesting to see what his first impressions were -  he thought that it felt light and he liked the footplate.
Being in the market for a boat, it is all important to try out other folk's kayaks.
Trying the Isel out on a following sea can't be arranged in the pool though...

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